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11 wins
10 wins

Rek (Eric C.)

Charity: Polaris Project

Goal: 10 wins

Howdy all, I'm Eric!

Recently, I was at the Passion 2013 conference where I joined 60,000+ people in Atlanta, GA. It was an awesome experience, but the best part was being part of a community that donated over $3 million during the conference to help fund the freedom fight for the 27 million slaves that still exist today. I pledged to continue the fight by spreading awareness and joining the END IT movement (

I've always been a fan of RTS games, and really enjoy playing Starcraft 2 (already pre-ordered HoTS as well, so excited!). So when I noticed an opportunity to play/win games in SC2 for Polaris Project (a coalition partner for END IT movement), I immediately signed up and am making steps to get ready for the GGSC2 Charity Marathon on 3/22-3/24!

It's a huge honor to be able to play my favorite game and use that to also help raise money for a cause I believe in. It would be awesome if YOU (my friend :D) can pledge for me, watch me be ridiculous on my live stream, and help raise money to end slavery!

Thanks! GL HF!

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