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GGSC2 Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is straightforward:

First, since anyone has access to the information on your public profile, you should not put anything there that you wish to keep private. This includes things like your bio and your gravatar profile image. We won't sell this information to any third party, nor will we prevent you from doing so - if you write your first novel as your GGSC2 player bio, feel free to go get it published. However, while the information is part of your profile we reserve the right to maintain it and serve it to our users in whatever format we see fit.

Some information that you provide to GGSC2 is private. This includes your email address and character code. We will not share this information with anyone else for any reason.

Your email address won't be used for any purpose other than notifying you of critical information directly related to the operation of GGSC2. We'll actively try to keep this form of communication to a minimum.

Private data related to your pledging and/or donors will not be made available in a personally identifiable way to any third party for any reason, other than what is normally accessible from your public GGSC2 profile. We may collect information this information in aggregate, but it will never be attached to your identity.