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About GGSC2

What's this all about?

The GGSC2 Charity Marathon is a pledge drive played out in Blizzard's StarCraft 2.

How does it work?

A player signs-up, selects a charity, and then out shares a link to a personal profile page where their friends and family can go to pledge their support. On the day of the event, we'll track the number of times they win on's Ranked Matchmaking. With each victory they'll raise more money for charity!

Can I play team games?

Any mode of StarCraft will work as long as it's played through's Matchmaker. Custom maps will not count towards GGSC2.

What if I don't play StarCraft?

No worries! You can still pledge to support someone you know who does. If your player streams their matches online, you can tune in to watch them play live and follow along with their progress. Plus you can check out the GGSC2 live stream for all sorts of interesting content, prizes, and events - no experience required!

What charities does GGSC2 support?

We've selected a small set of charities that pursue a variety of philanthropic goals. Check out the charities page for more information. Each player can pick from this list the organization that he wants to play for.

Why should I trust you with my money?

Great question! While we could say you should trust us because we're attaching our names and reputations to the site and because we're working with respected and well-established figures from all over the StarCraft community, there's an even better answer: you don't have to.

All we'll do is tally up the wins, track the pledges, and send out the final total once the event is done. When it comes time to make good on your pledge, you'll go directly to the website of the organization to do it. Your money goes straight to the charities - we never touch a cent.

I'd really like to play, but I'm a newb :('s Matchmaker system will quickly pair you up with players of your skill level, regardless of whether you're a seasoned pro or a total noob. This is the perfect time to dive in and give it a try!

Alright, I'm sold!