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Completing Your Donation

Is my donation made automatically?

No, it is up to donors to visit the website of the charity and make their donations directly.

How do I find out how much to donate?

Log in and visit your profile page by clicking your username at the top of the site. There you'll see a list of charities and amounts that you are to pledge, along with links to the charities' websites.

Does GGSC2 know whether a donation has been made?

We rely on donors notifying us when a donation is complete. After you've made your donation, click the checkbox under that charity on your profile page. That will let us know you're done!

There's been some mistake! This amount is wrong!

The amounts shown are based on the amount you pledged multipled by the number of games that the player won up to their goal. If you believe there has been an error, don't worry! You're fully in control of the final donation you make to charity.

What if I have a question?

For questions related to the donation process or any other part of GGSC2, please email us.